Ana María García Ruiz (Anita) nació en Sevilla, España el 24 de marzo de 1980. Vivió durante 2009/2010 en Groningen (Países Bajos), donde asistió a un curso de retrato con modelos reales en el "Cultural Centre for Student of the University of Groningen” (USVA). Asistió a otros cursos, tales como dibujo al carbón y técnicas de pintura acrílica en "Jazmijn Cultural Centre". Durante su estancia en prácticas en los Países Bajos expuso sus obras de arte en diferentes galerías y escuelas de arte. En junio de 2010, Anita se trasladó a Génova (Italia) para mejorar sus conocimientos en la técnica de la pintura al óleo en la "Accademia ligustica di Belle Arti ". En este, aprendió otras técnicas como el "Trompe l'oeil" y "Art Mural". Anita ha sido galardonada con varios premios y reconocimientos en diferentes concursos de arte en Milán y Génova. Uno de estos premios le ha dado la oportunidad de exhibir sus pinturas al óleo en una de las galerías de arte más prestigiosas de Génova llamada "Satura Art Gallery". Varios periodicos han publicado su trabajo y han anunciado sus exposiciones como por ejemplo Secolo XIX. En la actualidad trabajando por completo al arte, y trata de expresar con arte sus sueños y mundos de fantasía. La técnica que utiliza se basa en varias capas de esmalte (pintura al óleo). Actualemente está trabajando en una colección de pintura al óleo denominada "Mujeres del mundo", donde diferentes culturas se representan con la mujer como elemento principal, lo que refleja su belleza en el conocimiento y la unidad entre las culturas.

Ana Maria Garcia Ruiz (Anita) was born in Seville, Spain on March 24th 1980. She lived during 2009/2010 in Groningen (The Netherlands), where she attended a course in portrait with real models at the “Cultural Centre for Student of the University of Groningen” (USVA). She also attended other courses such as charcoal drawing and acrylic painting techniques at “Jazmijn Cultural Centre”. During her internship in The Netherlands she exhibited her art works in different galleries, and art schools. In June 2010, Anita moved to Genoa (Italy) to improve her knowledge in oil painting technique at the “Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti”. In this course, she also learned other techniques such as “Trompe l'oeil” and “Art Mural”. Anita was awarded with several prizes and recognitions in different art competitions in Milan and Genoa. One of these prizes was the opportunity to exhibit her oil paintings in one of the more prestigious art galleries of Genoa called “Satura Art Gallery”. Actually, she is working entirely to Art, and she tries to express with art her dreams and fantasy worlds. The technique that she uses is based on several layers (Glaze oil painting). Several newspapers have published their work and exhibitions have announced such Secolo XIX. She is working in a colletion called “Women of the world”, where different cultures are represented with women as main element, reflecting their beauty in the knoweledge and unity between cultures.
Ana María García Ruiz

Personal Date:

 Name: Ana María García
 Date of birth: march 24, 1980
 Country and town of origin: Spain, Sevilla
 Website:
 e-mail:

Academic and training:

 Training in art

 Course of teniche pictorial techniques of mural painting and trompe lóeil Accademia ligustica di belle arti of Genoa
 Course Portrait USVA, (Cultural student centre of the university of Groningen), Netherlands
 Drawing and Painting course in Cultural centre Jazmijn, Groningen, Netherlands
 Course Painting techniques, mural and Trompe lóeil in Accademia ligustica di Belle Arti, Genova, Italy
 Self-training through books, courses, Internet and observation of the work with oil paintings

 Languages:

 High level English
Stay for one year in Netherlands
Course in The English house for 3 months
Course in Academy Giralda Center for 3 months
Seven years in school
Internet self-learning in La mansión del Inglés
I have been Spanish teacher giving class in English

 High level Italian
Currenlty living in Italy
Course for Italian government

 Spanish, mother tongue

Professional activities:

 Execution of Works in oil, acrylic, watercolours, charcoal and ink


 Exhibition in Satura Art Gallery with my colletion Women of the world
 Exhibition in Satura Art Gallery for Satura Price
 Exhibition in Centro Tianqi, Milano
 Exhibition in Studio Iroko, Milano
 Exhibition in USVA, cultural student centre of the university of Groningen, Netherlands
 Exhibition in local in Asingastraat, 6 en Groningen, Netherlands


 Fourth post in a Online competition of Disegno e Pittura
 Finalist for the work “In the forest” for the competition Art Contest in the Assosiation Tianqi, in Milan, September 2011
 Finalist for the work “in the forest” for the competition Satura Prize in the Assosiation Satura, in Genova, October 2011

 Artist belonging to Albo degli Artisti Italiani ed europei "C.Colombo" la Sezia. +393927214548. Number: AV/L/325
 Participation in outdoor competition in Algaba, Seville.
 Dawn, work that has been chosen as the cover of the artist Pancho Vera.

Professional activity

Realization and sale of works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal and wall painting.


Ana María García Ruiz (Anita) was born in Seville, on 03/24/1980. She has a figurative style with great creativity makes us see that her works of: oil, acrylic, watercolor, Indian ink, charcoal and wall painting, are full of color, sensitivity and energy.

It began in her childhood thanks to her father Alberto García, a student at the old school of art and trade in Seville, who aroused her enthusiasm for art.

He made several paintings in oil and to improve her technique he traveled in 2009/2010 to Groningen, The Netherlands, where she made a course of Portrait with nude model in the Cultural Center of the University of Groningen (USVA) and a course of drawing and painting in Cultural center Jazmijn where she learned the technique of acrylic and Chinese ink. She exhibited in both schools and some stores selling some works.

In June 2010 she moved to Genova, Italy, where until December 2012 he attended the Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arti to learn the technique of watercolor, Trompe l'oeil and mural painting. She made three exhibitions in Milan: a couple at the Studio Iroko, and another as a finalist in the Il Vuoto contest at Gallery Tianqi.
In Genoa, she has been awarded as an finalist in the Adotta contest for an artist, has been a finalist in the Saturaprize contest at Satura Art Gallery and has made an exhibition called Women of the World in Satura Art Gallery, which has been published by several important websites and newspapers in the city. . She has also been chosen to participate in the Palermo International Art Biennial.
A made the cover of the artist Pancho Vera Toulouse-Lautrec in Nisa.

She likes to represent her dreams and imagined worlds, giving sweetness and a dreamlike touch to her works. It has an elaborated and diverse technique according to the real texture of what it represents, using the glazes, pointillism, impacts or simple concentric brush slides. Dedicated completely to art, it continues to carry out works. She is currently working on his Women of the World collection where diverse cultures are represented.

Collection "Women of the World"

This collection is made in canvases in oil. The idea was born after the completion of the first painting, Pillina, where Anita was satisfied with the result and the plot and began to make a series of paintings that describe the different cultures with the representation of the typical dresses, architecture, etc. Anita has had the opportunity to travel to Holland, Italy, France, Greece ... and to find people from different cultures and countries. This experience has opened his mind and he wants to transmit the message with his medium of communication, painting. The execution of the images is done with a delicate technique, which is the glaze. Anita lets herself be influenced by her dreams, giving a dreamlike touch to her works. His idea is to continue making a great collection of interest for all. Women of the world, puts women as the main element that reflects beauty, understanding and unity among cultures.
El arte nos da la sensibilidad que necesitamos, apreciar el arte es, ser humano.Gracias por visitar mi web.

Art gives us the sensitivity that we need, appreciate art is to be human. Thank you for visit my web.

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